Martina Proctor

A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, having initially been trained a common law lawyer, and subsequently earning UK postgraduate qualifications in business (MBA), law (LLM) and academic practice (PGCAPHE), I teach law. I am also engaged in connecting – researching & facilitating – student learning with their development.




I believe that successful learning at tertiary level is as much about learning to think and act within disciplines as it is about acquiring academic knowledge. This requires students to grow and develop as legitimate participants within their learning communities.



The transition into tertiary learning can be challenging. Thus, in an allegory of learning (to fly) Richard Bach (1971) wrote: 


Most seagulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight – how to get from shore to food.


For them –

It was not flight that mattered, but eating.    


Learning with Development

                                        Engaging Transitions


With a combination of experience in:


I can help students learn and develop new skills to grow their learning experience.

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