My Approach to Learning & Development

By adopting an integrated approach – of combining self-leadership with higher education approaches to learning – students can be helped to access the ways of thinking and practice, span knowledge boundaries within disciplines as well as construct linkages towards learner development.


Thus – for one Jonathan Livingston seagull – it was:

not eating that mattered; it was flight.       


The intended outcome of my approach is for students to be able to engage their tertiary learning years with purpose.

"The brain is wider than the sky."


Emily Dickinson



Helping students locate and appreciate strategic, legal and social issues in business  through the teaching of

Commercial Law

for Business

Helping students develop skills for transition into and making best of their learning experience at higher education through


- a ground-breaking personal development programme specially designed for women students

at higher education

Helping students practice and engage with knowledge  through



Writing Retreats

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